Below is a list of current PrivacyBot Members.


U.S. Federal Trade Commission
The FTC has jurisdiction over unfair and deceptive trade practices in interstate commerce. 

U.S. International Trade Administration(ITA)
The ITA’s Electronic Commerce Task Force negotiates with the European Union over U.S. web site handling of transfers of personal data from Europe.

European Union Directive on Data Protection
Contains the full text of the EU Data Directive.

One of the leading question and answer resources on the web.  At Insurance Library, only verified, licensed insurance agents are able to answer questions submitted by users.  Insurance research and shopping for insurance options also available.

Electronic Privacy Information Center
Advocate of online privacy rights, free speech and other constitutional issues. Actively litigates privacy related claims.
Advocate of online legal information and resources, free speech and other constitutional issues. Actively litigates claims. 

Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT).
Advocate of online privacy rights. Maintains useful links to online privacy materials.

World Wide Web Consortium, Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P)
Creates common definitions and technical specifications for implementing privacy policies on the web.

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
Advocate of civil liberties on the Internet, including online privacy rights.

Direct Marketing Association (DMA)
One of the leading advocate for direct marketers and online marketing organizations.
Advocate of online contractor information and resources including a directory of local providers in remodeling, painting, and other home improvement services. 


Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA).
Establishes a uniform state law of cyberspace, including treatment of online access contracts for web sites.