Pick of the Litter

PrivacyBot’s pick of the litter is just what it sounds like.  When we come across a website with a particularly outstanding Privacy Policy and practices we will tell you about it, and cite why we think it is so awesome.  You don’t even have to be a member to be a pick of the litter, you just have to be straight with your visitors and protect their privacy.


The current pick of the litter is InstallationCalculator.com.  They have done a tremendous job with the crafting of their privacy documentation, separating it out between Privacy Policy and Terms of use documents. We vehemently agree that separation of these two is a standard best practice across the web, one document for telling visitor how the site is protecting them, and another for showing what will be done with any data provided.

Because of this, as well as the quality of the policies and the spirit of how they use the data (i.e. to improve their own calculation systems) we grant the title of PrivacyBot Pick of the Littler to InstallationCalculator.com